Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Spark speaker for our 4th edition! This year the conference will be hosted at the University of Amsterdam, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170.

Our theme this year is The Next Step. We hope to put together a program that helps female entrepreneurs tackle shared challenges, particularly when it comes to process, mindset, and scaling up. Such challenges should be considered when applying to speak at the conference.

Applications are open Oct.2 - Nov.15.

Program: The tentative program will have 2 Open Plenaries (duration: 30 min, audience size 100-120) for which the speakers will be invited & 6 Breakout sessions for which there is an application process (duration: 1 hr, audience size 15-35). If you are chosen to speak at Spark and would like to stay for the entire conference program we will have a special reduced speaker rate available. This will be a cost-covering ticket to help us keep Spark sustainable. Keep in mind that speaking at Spark gives your business visibility which that in itself holds value.

Please fill out these next questions and we'll be in touch with the results within a month after the deadline, once the Spark speaker panel has met to review all applications.

Please keep in mind the challenges female entrepreneurs are facing when filling out your application. Themes/examples include; scaling up, mindset, process, community skill-share, challenges of hiring staff/HR management/staffing struggles, the intrepreneur/teaming up with the corporate world, taking chances, stories of success and failure, skill-set building.

Let's get to know each other:

What's your name?

First & last name
What's your website so that we can get a better feel for what it is you do?

We love to stay connected. Please let us know what your Facebook Page for your business is so we can "like" it.

Can we connect with you on LinkedIn? Leave your profile URL here.

Do you tweet? Leave your full Twitter URL for us here.

Ok let's get to the good stuff. What is the title of your breakout session?

When people leave the room after your talk what feeling and/or skill would you like them to take with them? Keep in mind our theme this year is 'The Next Step'. Sessions are meant to help women take their next step, whether that be learning a new skill set, growing their business, or scaling up.

Can you give us a brief summary of your talk in no more than 400 words?

Tell us more about you. If you were selected as  a speaker what would your 100 word bio say about you?

Do you have any previous speaking experience you would like to share with us?

Thank you for your application! We'll be in touch within a month after the deadline once the selection committee has met, so before Dec. 15th. We appreciate your patience and interest.

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